Market and limit orders are published in a centralized order book. Specify the terms of your deal to match your professional counterparty.
Borrowed cross-chain assets can be traded for short selling, facilitate inventory management or settle debt elsewhere.
The mortgage assets are completely isolated and stored in the hardware wallet.
If the market is adversely affected, or the borrower defaults, the position will be automatically liquidated and the lender's securities will be returned.
If the collateral is below the required rate, a margin call is triggered to restore the collateral level.
The agreed collateral-to-principal ratio remains unchanged.
  • First-class governance Our corporate governance and management structure is modelled on tested and tested agreements, followed by Gibraltar and the United Kingdom, or, where appropriate, based on expert legal advice. Lendingblocks's management team is located in Gibraltar and London.

  • Independent auditThe Board will be supported by an independent third-party audit and risk committee.

  • Global regulation Lendingblock is taking a proactive approach to monitoring risk and compliance. We will work with the Gibraltar Financial Services Committee (GFSC) to achieve compliance with the regulatory framework for digital ledger technology (DLT).

  • AML,KYC和CTF In view of the increased risk of AML associated with the distributed global nature of the encryption economy, one of the first elements of the Lendingblock control framework is the establishment of strong anti-money laundering procedures. In addition, all exchange participants must meet KYC requirements as part of the entry process

● Token symbol: BAO ● Token type: ERC20 ● Total token amount: 80B BAO
● Foundation: 60% ● Pre-sale:20% ● party: 15% ● Other: 5%
Pre-sale (stage 1)
Pre-sale (stage 2)
Pre-sale (stage 3)
November 15, 2018GMT+8—30 NovemberGMT+8
December 1, 2018GMT+8—15 DecemberGMT+8
December 16, 2018GMT+8—31 DecemberGMT+8
1ETH=35000 BAO
1ETH=32000 BAO
1ETH=30000 BAO
Use of funds
Reserve funds 20%
Project team 15%
Ecological construction 10%
Law and accounting 8%
Marketing 6%
Other 1%
Focus on development 40%
Token distribution
party 20%
Ecological construction 10%
Adviser 8%
Partners 7%
Other 15%
Token buyer 40%
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  • aex
  • tokok
  • coinbit
  • cryptocurrency
  • upbit
  • litebit
  • Poloniex
  • 火币Pro
  • 币蛋
  • Bibox
  • ZB网
  • C网
  • IDEX
  • 比特儿海外
  • 库币网
  • OKEX
  • HitBTC
  • Yobit
Project start January 2018 
Developer testing of Test Network October 2018 
Listing on the exchange 2019 first quarter 
Smart announcement, smart contract, code audit, testing First quarter of 2020 
Main network online operation Fourth quarter of 2020 
Development and Integration of Mobile APP and Portal betting Fourth quarter of 2021 
2018年6月 Technology R & D begins to operate
2018年12月 We bet on the public reward for smart contracts
2019三季度 Experiment on the Feasibility of issuing concept implementation
2020年二季度 Publish Experimental Network
2021年二季度 The system is up and running.
2022年2季度 Linking and connectivity of ecosystems
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